Thursday, December 23, 2010

Women's Fashion Directory

Have you seen the new Women's Fashion Directory?  Learn more about women's fashion at the women's fashion directory.  You will find information regarding the following categories and more.

women's fashion
women's apparel
women's fashion magazine
plus size women's fashion
women's fashion tops
women's fashion history
women's fashion designers
women's clothing
women's dresses

Visit the women's fashion directory to learn more.

Learn more about women's fashion from the following categories:

women's fashion brands
women's fashion stores
women's fashion news
shop women's fashion
women's fashion store

Learn more about fashion for women on the Fashion Industry Network.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Apparel Industry Fashion Blog Posts 2010

Here are some of the best apparel industry fashion blog posts from 2010.  Well, the truth is that this is a rather new fashion blog.  We do not really have that many fashion posts.  Therefore, I guess they are all the best for this year.  Next year, we can be more selective...

Men's Apparel
Fashion Design Schools
Women's Underwear Guide
Men's Underwear Guide
Men's Underwear Don't Be Shy
Fashion Games
Cotton Pricing 2010
Fashion Friendly Terms
Fashion News Today
Home Sewing Website : Home Sewing Patterns
Paper Patterns for Designing and Sewing Clothing
New Fashion Terms November 2010
Fashion Technology Touch Up 2010 : Apparel Search
RN Numbers : Company RN Number Look Up
Fashionable Sites
Fashion Shows
Five Fall Fashion Trends 2010
Fashion Jobs
Fashion Calendar
Fashion Industry Carbon Credits : Clothing, Textile Industry Carbon Emission Credits

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Men's Apparel

Men's apparel may not be as important to the world of fashion as women's apparel.  However, men's apparel is clearly an important segment of the clothing industry.  If you work in the fashion industry or wish to be a knowledgable consumer, you may want to research men's apparel.  The following links will not give you absolutely everything you need to know, but it will help you get started on your path to eductate yourself regarding menswear.

Men's Apparel
Shopping for Men's Apparel
Men's Clothing
Men's Suits
Men's Fashion
Men's Sports Apparel
Men's Wholesale Apparel
Men's Urban Apparel
Men's Apparel Stores
Men's Fashion Brands

Again, above is simply a list of resources to help you get started.  There are certainly many other topics to research in regard to men's apparel.  For example, I did not even list men's fashion accessories, men's shoes, men's socks, men's jeans, men's outerwear, etc.

By the way, when you get tired of learning about men's apparel, you may want to check out the two other imporant apparel classifications : Women's Apparel and Children's Apparel.  Yes, pet apparel is also important, but lets face the facts.  The pets are not as important as people...

Learn more about the Apparel Industry at the following relevant sites.  Each of these websites should help you learn more about men's apparel.

Apparel Retailer
Apparel Manufacturer
Apparel Wholesaler

Apparel Jobs
Men's Apparel Buyers

OK, I have one last suggestion to leave you with.  If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest fashion trends, fashion designers, fashion events etc., you may want to read current men's apparel news.  This is the best way to keep you eye on the menswear market.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion Design Schools : Search and Find Fashion Design Schools

Looking to learn more about fashion design.  Well, going to a professionally run school of design would certainly be a good idea.  Unfortunately, in this fashion blog post I will not be suggesting to you an exact fashion design school to attend.  However, I will provide you a few good searches to help you get started with your research.
fashion institute of technology (FIT)
Learn more about fashion design schools on Apparel Search.  If you have questions or suggestions regarding a specific fashion design school, you are welcome to start a discussion on the Fashion Industry Network.  You can have discussions in the fashion discussion forum section or in the fashion students group or fashion educators group.  If you have a question specific to FIT, you may want to post your questions in the Fashion Institute of Technology Group section.

New Women's Underwear Guide

Their is a new section for women's underwear on Apparel Search.  If you have an interest in the women's underwear market, you can check out the women's underwear guide from the links below:

Boxer Briefs for Women
Boxer Shorts for Women
Briefs for Women Comfy Women's Underwear
Cotton Boxer Shorts for Women

Erotic Women's Underwear
Exotic Women's Underwear Flannel Boxer Shorts for Women
G-String Women's Underwear
Hot Women's Underwear
Leather Women's Underwear
Long Underwear
Low Rise Women's Underwear
    View more Women's underwear categories
Women's Bikini Underwear
Women's Boxer Underwear
Women's Comfortable Underwear
Women's Comfy Underwear Women's Mesh Underwear
Women's Net Underwear
Women's Pouch Underwear
Women's Support Underwear
Women's Thong Underwear
Women's Transparent Underwear
Women's Underwear Briefs
Women's Underwear For Sale
Women's Underwear Stores
Novelty Women's Underwear
Satin Women's Underwear
See Thru Women's Underwear
Sexy Women's Underwear
Shapewear Underwear
Sheer Women's Underwear
Silk Women's Underwear
Spandex Women's Underwear
Thermal Underwear for Women

We hope that you find this new women's underwear guide to be helpful to you.

Shop for women's underwear.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Men's Underwear Don't Be Shy

Don't be shy if you have to investigate men's underwear.

  • Here is a subject that many men are uncomfortable talking about.  The reality is that most guys do not talk about underwear (however, some do.).  Due to the fact that I work in the fashion industry, underwear for men is simply another piece of the industry. However, I must say that when I research the subject I am concerned that fellow co-workers will look over my shoulder and see my computer screen filled with half naked men.  Frankly, that is not my cup of tea.  In addition, I do not need other people think that it is my cup of tea.  Anyway, if you want to learn more about men's underwear, you may want to research the following categories.
  • Hot Mens Underwear
  • Leather Mens Underwear
  • Satin Mens Underwear
  • Mens Underwear Briefs
  • G String Mens Underwear
  • Mens Pouch Underwear
  • Novelty Mens Underwear
  • Mens Underwear For Sale
  • Mens Boxer Underwear
  • Spandex Mens Underwear
  • Mens Support Underwear
    Comfy Men's Underwear
  • Mens Net Underwear
  • Low Rise Mens Underwear
  • Mens Transparent Underwear
    Sexy Mens Underwear
  • Silk Mens Underwear
  • Sheer Mens Underwear
  • Mens Thong Underwear
  • Erotic Mens Underwear
  • Mens Mesh Underwear
  • Exotic Mens Underwear
  • Mens Bikini Underwear
  • Mens Underwear Stores
  • See Thru Mens Underwear
  • In addition to checking out the men's underwear guide on Apparel Search, you may want to do a little shopping.  If that is the case, try the men's underwear store directory section.
    By the way, keep you eyes open for comfy undies.  Maybe comfy undies will be coming soon...

Fashion Games : Working in the Fashion Industry

Working in the fashion industry is not always a picnic.  When all is said and done, working in fashion is a wonderful career choice.  However, the career certainly has it's ups and downs.

Anyway, this blog post is not really about working in the fashion industry,

This blog post is regarding "playing" in the fashion industry.  Or at least playing as if you are in the fashion industry.  In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to the new fashion games section on Apparel Search.  From this new section you will find fashion games such as dress up games, fashion designer games, bride dress up games, fashion design games, etc.

By the way, if you did not really want to learn about fashion games and you are more of a serious career minded person (games are not your thing), you may want to learn more about working in the fashion industry from some of the career sites.  No gaming around there...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cotton Pricing 2010

Commodity prices such as cotton pricing was a very hot topic for the fashion industry in 2010.
If you were not paying attention, it is important to note that cotton prices have risen sharply in 2010.
Learn more about textile fibers.

Learn more about cotton.

Important Searches  for the apparel industry for 2010 :
Cotton futures
Cotton fabric prices

Will clothing prices rise in 2011 because of the cotton price increase we have witnessed in 2010?  Will cotton prices continue to rise in 2011?

Learn about other important fashion relevant searches from our fashion searches 2010 fashion blog post.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Friendly Terms

What are fashion friendly terms?  Aren't all terms regarding fashion rather friendly?? Well, I guess they are...  I for one have never been insulted by a fashion term.  However, maybe I would have been insulted if I misunderstood the term "Phat".  If I did not know better, I would have been very unhappy for someone to tell me that I looked phat in my clothing... By the way, if you were not aware "Phat" is way different then "Fat".
Anyway, I thought I would write this fashion blog about some terms that may be of interest to members of the fashion industry.  I am not sure why I titled the post "fashion friendly terms".  Maybe I should have called this blog post "fashion revent terms".  Possibly that would be more appropriate.
Anyway, here are some fashion friendly or fashion relevant terms of possible interest:
Fashion Intern
Fashion History
Fashion Mags
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Museums & Exhibits
Fashion Network
Fashion Networking
Fashion Newsletters
Fashion Police
Fashion Press Releases
Fashion Recruiters
Fashion School Review 2009
Fashion Schools
Fashion Stylist
Fashion Tags
Fashion Television
Fashion Widgets
Fashion Windows
Fast Fashion
Female Fashion
Forty Years of Fashion
Fall Fashion
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Affiliate Programs
Fashion Bug
Fashion Color Cues
Fashion Colors
Fashion Consumer
Fashion Copyrights
Fashion Discussion Groups
Fashion Disaster
Fashion Diva
Fashion Forecasting
Fashion House
Fashion Icon
Fashion Images
Fashion Industry Overview
Hope you have found these fashion terms to be of interest.  If you would like to read more fashion relevant terms, you can check the fashion terms section on Apparel Search.

Fashion News Today

Here are some helpful fashion news links of interest if you are looking to quench your thirst for fashion news today.  Hopefully, you find these news resources as helpful as I do.

Fashion Industry News
Fashion News Daily
Fashion Blog
Current Fashion News
Fashion Trends
Celebrity Fashion News
Men's Fashion News
Fashion Articles

Sure, their are other fashion news resources that we would suggest for people that want fashion news today.  For example, check the Fashion Newspaper or the fashion news articles websites.

Find more fashion news resources on Apparel Search.

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