Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Sewing Website : Home Sewing Patterns

Apparel Search has recently started a new website for home sewers (people that sew at home).  OK, when I say recently, I mean very recently.  In fact, the site has only gone live about 15 minutes ago...  The site has a sewing supply store as well as information regarding home sewing thread, home sewing machines, home sewing needles, home sewing patterns etc.  The site is still in its earlier stages.  Please be patient as it is developed and improved.

You can view the new home sewing patterns website at

You can also visit the home sewing supply store at  The sewing supply store utillizes Amazon technology.

Paper Patterns for Designing and Sewing Clothing

The apparel industry has pattern makers to help clothing companies develop and manufacture clothes.  Home sewers also have tools at their disposal.  For example, home sewers can utilize pattern packages that offer simple to very technical sewing patterns.  On Apparel Search, we have offered an area to help you find patterns for home sewing.
The the patterns for home sewing page for more information.

You may also want to check the pattern making supplies section.

If you are not ready to make patterns on your own, you may want to consult with a professional pattern maker.  They will charge a fee, but maybe it will help your project.

By the way, pattern making, paper patterns, sewing clothing, etc., can be discussed in the home sewing group section on the Fashion Industry Network.  You may also want to ask questions to professional pattern makers.

Here are some other helpful home sewing resources:
Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear
Sewing for the Home
Romantic Home Sewing: Cottage-Style Projects to Stitch for the Home
Sewing Stylish Home Projects: Over 30 Accessories for Your Home
Bleuette Clothing Patterns, 1905-1916
Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls: Complete Instructions & Full-Size Patterns for 35 Clothing and Accessory Items

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Fashion Terms November 2010

Apparel Search has posted a few new fashion terms of interest in November 2010.  If you are interested in fashion terms, you can read the new ones below:

Capsule Collection
Fashion Term by Apparel Search November 2010

Brick and Mortar Fashion Stores
Fashion Term by Apparel Search November 2010

Holiday Fashion Retail Term
Fashion Terms by Apparel Search November 2010

The Mullet Dress Defined
Fashion Terms by Apparel Search November 2010

Diffusion Lines
Fashion Term by Apparel Search November 2010

By the way, if you have suggestions for future fashion terms, please let us know.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bloglovin : Loving Fashion Blogs

Today I learned of a new blog system from one of the members at the Fashion Industry Network.  I sas that they had a blog at bloglovin and I was curious because I was not familiar with that site.  Anyway, I checked it out and it looked pretty cool.  Follow my blog with bloglovin

Does bloglovin mean loving fashion blogs?  Well, probably not... This blog site is not just for fashion blogs.

Learn more about other fashion blogs on Apparel Search.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashion Technology Touch Up 2010 : Apparel Search

This evening, I have touched up the fashion technology page on Apparel Search.  Not to bore you, but the reason is that I now develop Apparel Search on a new software.  When I moved from the old to the new, a few of the pages (pages that used themes), became all screwed up.  This evening I noticed that the layout of the fashion technology page, became a huge mess.  Therefore, I spent a few ours re-designing the page.  Yes, I know that it does not look like a few hours worth of work.  Well, I had a great deal of trial and error trying to get the layout figured out.  Anyway, the good news is that allow it is not perfect, the fashion technology page is now back in action.

By the way, I also have a fairly new fashion technology directory website at  That site runs on a fairly cool database system.  If you own or work for a fashion technology company, you are welcome to create a free listing.

Here are a few key links of interest regarding technology relevant to fashion.

Fashion Design Software
Apparel Industry Software Directory
Supply Chain Management
Computer Assisted Design for Fashion & Textiles
Fashion Technology Trade Shows
E-commerce For Clothing Stores

You may also find the following fashion software links to be helpful.

Warehouse Software
Pattern Making Software
Embroider Software
Costing Software
Point of Sale (POS) Software
Knitting & Weaving Software
Bar Code Software
Mail Order Software
Auction Software
Logistics / Transportation Software
Import / Export Software
Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Software
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software
PDM Product Development Management Software

If you work in the fashion industry, you are welcome to discuss fashion technology relevant issues in the fashion tech group at the Fashion Industry Network.

Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology
Textile Futures: Fashion, Design and Technology
Fashion (Trends in Textile Technology)
Garment Technology for Fashion Designers

WGSN Fashion Trend Forecasting

Are you familiar with WGSN?  They are essentially a fashion trend forecasting service, and more..
WGSN is the global authority on style and design. The company identifies and analyzes current and future style trends and provides its customers with state-of-the-art online tools that that can be used to create commercially successful products and services. WGSN defines and shapes wining style and design for over 36,000 customers globally. WGSN customers include many of the world's leading apparel, style, design and retail companies including Levi Strauss & Co., Adidas, Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products, Benetton Group, and Marks and Spencers, among others. WGSN is headquartered in London and has offices all over the world, including Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Tokyo.
You can find a link to learn more about WGSN from the fashion trend forecasting section on Apparel Search.
What are the latest fashion trends?  You may want to contact WGSN to find out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five Fall Fashion Trends 2010

Five Fall Fashion Trends 2010
  1. Faux fur: Whether it’s for staying warm or making a statement, everyone is sporting bits of fur this fall. Women are wearing fur on everything from fur-trimmed hoodies to full-on fur vests.
  2. Animal print: If you don’t get enough animal-inspired flair from faux fur, it won’t be hard to get your animal on another way with animal prints showing up on flats, belts, even trench coats. Pump up your everyday look with a pair of leopard print heels.
  3. 60’s: AMC’s show, Mad Men, not only spurred a flurry of NetFlix rentals, but also launched a round of 60’s inspired dresses. Pencil skirts with tailored, cropped jackets and round full skirts nipped at the waist bring back a sweet femininity that contrasts with the simultaneous emergence of men’s inspired styles.
  4. Menswear: Speaking of menswear, there’s a whole new crop of women’s wear inspired by men’s wardrobes: Collared button-downs and lace-up Oxfords are huge this fall.
  5. Military: You’ll find structured jackets, buttons and buckles in military neutrals all over stores in designer and mass brand corners. Discover great vintage finds for this look as well.
Shop for fashion on eBay.

Learn about the Fashion Voice.
Learn about the Fashion Vault.

Dont' forget to check the women's fashion auctions on eBay.

Learn more about the latest fashion trends from the fashion trends section on Apparel Search.  Find more information regarding fashion trend forecasting services, fashion trend photos, fashion trend news in the fashion trends section.  Regarding Fall fashion trends, you may want to check the fall fashion section and the fall fashion shows area.

Learn even more about Fall fashion from the Fall Fashion Designer Collections section.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RN Numbers : Company RN Number Look Up

Apparel Search has many tools that are specifically relevant to the fashion industry rather then being relevant to consumers of fashion.  However, some tools can actually be utilized by both the fashion industry and consumers of fashion.  One such example is the guide for finding a company based on their RN # (registration number).  The RN stands for Registered Identification Number. It is a number issued by the FTC to U.S. businesses that manufacture, import, distribute, or sell products covered by the Textile, Wool, and Fur Acts. Businesses can use this number on product labels in lieu of the company name.
In regards to the apparel industry, it the RN #'s can be used to track competitors, and for various other reasons.  For consumers, it is helpful to find the RN# if they are curious as to which company actually imported the garment. 
You will find the RN number on the wash care labels.  These are also often reference as simply care labels.
You can find the company RN Number Look Up at the Care Label page on Apparel Search or go direct to the FTC website.
Learn more about RN #'s on the FTC website.
Are you ready to look up RN Numbers online...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashionable Sites Not Yet Fully In Fashion

Here are a few fashionable sites that you are not yet fully in fashion.  In other words, as of today, they still need a bit of improvement.  I am not saying they are horrible, but I am saying that they can be better.  Actually, they "will" be better.  It just may take a little time.  Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day.  Similar is true for fashion sites.

In time, these fashion relevant sites will be improved.

Any Industry
Fashion Industry Portal
Fashion School News
Good Fabric Suppliers
Printed Company Tshirts 
Printed School T-shirts
Printed Tees
T-shirt Printers
Tshirt Printers
T-shirt Factories

These may not be the best fashion sites at the moment, but they may be some day.  Please be patient.  Learn more about other fashion sites.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion Shows

Are you interested in learning more about fashion shows?  If yes, you can try the following links of interest.
My first suggestion would be to visit the fashion shows section on Apparel Search.  From there, you can learn more about Spring Fashion ShowsFall Fashion Shows, and Runway Shows in general.
You may also want to read the Fashion shows definition.
After you learn all their is to know about fashion shows, you may want to learn more about fashion trade shows.  The fashion trade shows are a bit different, but on occassion also have actual runway fashion shows as part of the event.

If you enjoy viewing fashion on the runway, you may want to also learn about fashion weeks from the Fashion Week Photos and Fashion Week Videos websites.
Hopefully, this fashion blog post will help you learn a bit more about fashion shows.

On-trend gift ideas for Holiday 2010

It is almost time to shop for the holidays.  Actually, it is time to shop for the holidays.
On-trend gift ideas for Holiday 2010
  • gloves, plaid scarves, and woven hats
  • opaque, patterned and textured tights
  • denim-inspired leggings (jeggings)
  • brocade and sequined evening clutches
  • totes and wristlets
  • jewelry such as metallic and studded cuffs, mixed-metal necklaces, cocktail rings, and crystal-drop earrings
  • cozy boots
  • an array of slippers
  • Champion fitness shoes.
You can find these types of holiday gift items at
You can find addition shoe stores and clothing stores in the clothing stores section on Apparel Search.  If you do not find enough apparel retailers in that section, you may want to try the apparel retailer search engine for additional resources.
Here are some suggestions from Payless, "Gift givers in search of the perfect stocking stuffer need look no further than Payless' new beauty line, offered under the brand names Unforgettable Moments™ and Zoe & Zac™ Naturals.  The collection includes a range of fragrances, makeup and body items such as signature scents; lotions, creams and butters for body, hands and feet; as well as color for eyes, lips, nails and face.  Like all Payless products, the new beauty collection is available at a great price -- as low as $2.99 an item -- with nearly 90 percent of the line available for under $10 an item.  Six gift sets pair fragrance and body products for occasions such as "girls' night out" and "date night." These new beauty products are perfect for indulging your favorite friend or for finishing your own look from head to toenail."
Below you will find more hints from Payless.

Designer Labels

The winter collection is arriving in stores now featuring the hottest designer trends with special holiday lines from the Isabel Toledo for Payless, Christian Siriano for Payless and Lela Rose for Payless labels.  

Fashion designer and newest Payless partner Isabel Toledo debuts her second collection for the designer label this holiday season with an emphasis on metallic accents.  Toledo's holiday line will include three silhouettes: the faux-fur Poodle Boot done in pewter, a Pom Pom Flat done in black and pewter, and a Toreador D'Orsay Pump offered in Gold, Silver, and Black/Red colorations.  The black satin Moon evening clutch and the black and red Matador shopper complement the footwear grouping.

Christian Siriano loves to design with an eye for drama and head-turning sculptural details.  The Christian Siriano for Payless holiday collection channels his unique aesthetic into five footwear and two handbag styles.  Silhouettes include the Alexandra strappy sandal, Alexa stacked-heel pump, Mena ankle bootie, Allegra ballet flat, and the Venessa flat with pleated satin adorning the toe.  Faux snakeskin is a prevalent material in this collection, presented in bold shades of navy and red with gold piping and hardware accents.  The Melanie chain handbag and Joy satchel round out the offering in coordinating colorations of navy and black snakeskin.

This holiday season, Lela Rose delivers another collection representative of her "casual luxury" signature style, mixing fabrics and textures in three holiday styles, along with corresponding handbag and clutch.  The Perlita ankle-strap sandal features a frayed-bow accent, while the Lafayette pleated-toe pump is presented in both a vibrant red satin print and navy tweed.  A navy flat features a side-bow for an unexpected, asymmetrical accent.  Clara, the black pleated satin clutch is a versatile addition to any holiday ensemble, while the Oreily faux suede camel handbag with navy accents is the perfect winter day tote.  

Payless holiday designer items are available at prices starting at under $35.

The general Payless holiday collection will showcase boots and casuals, as well as dress styles including key trends like lace overlay, satin, metallic materials, along with shearling, faux fur, and woven accents.  Regardless of their personal holiday style, shoppers will be sure to find a party-perfect or cold-weather footwear to meet their wintertime needs.

About Payless Designer Collections

Payless designer collections are among the most widely distributed designer footwear labels in America today and a key strategy for Payless in its mission to democratize fashion, design and the latest ideas in footwear and accessories for all to enjoy.  Payless Guest Designers include Lela Rose, who has two labels: Lela Rose for Payless and a special occasion line, Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose; Christian Siriano with Christian Siriano for Payless; newcomer Isabel Toledo with Isabel Toledo for Payless, as well as Patricia Field, who has had a long-standing and close relationship with Payless for years as the stylist of the retailer's TV and print ads and designer behind Patricia Field for Payless capsule collections.  
The Payless Designer Collections are seasonal lines of original designs created by New York fashion designers and hot-off-the-runway.  This select group of fashion designers and stylists create designer footwear and accessory collections for Payless featuring the latest runway and red carpet styling details offered at value prices.  Each collection is unique and reflective of the designer's signature style.  

Learn more about Collective Brands (they own Payless).

What are planning to buy for the holidays?  Are you reading to have a merry fashion Christmas? 

TRESemme Completes Winning Looks for Fashion's Ultimate Collection

TRESemme, the professional, affordable hair care line, is returning for a second season as the official hair partner of Bravo's "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection," premiering Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 at 10pm ET/PT.  TRESemme is enhancing their brand's digital platforms, providing viewers with exclusive insider styling footage and how-to's direct from backstage at the TRESemme salon.

Isaac Mizrahi, renowned fashion designer, is back as host and judge, and is joined this season by supermodel and fashion icon, Iman.  Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown will also be weighing in on the runway looks as series judge along with a select group of guest judges.  Returning to the salon for a second season is TRESemme Celebrity Stylist Jeanie Syfu who certainly knows how hair can complete any look.  Leading the TRESemme team, Syfu will consult with the designer contestants to create all of the runway hairstyles.

Learn morea about The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection.
Learn more about Fashion Shows
Learn more about TRESemme.

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